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Imagine how sweet it would be to win one of these awesome prizes! Whether you want to cash in these sweet prizes or just get cash in your pockets, we’ve got new prize options every month for you. Feel free to move around your entries to get the best bang for your buck, because the choice is all yours.

August 2020 Prizes

Honda Pioneer 700-4 Side-By-Side

You could win a
Honda Pioneer 700-4 Side-By-Side

Prize details

Who wouldn’t mind having this prize by their side? If you do mind, you can choose a cash prize payout of $26,000 instead. But if you want this sweet ride, you’ll get the Honda Pioneer 700-4 Side-By-Side and Camso UTV 4S1 Track Kit

*Honda Canada is not affiliated with nor does it endorse or sponsor this promotion.

Cineplex Gift Card

You could win 1 of 20
$200 Cineplex Gift Cards

Prize details

Treat yourself to all the 3D and D-BOX movies you can watch with this prize (on Saturdays too), and don’t forget the popcorn!

*Cineplex is not affiliated with nor does it endorse or sponsor this promotion.


You could win 1 of 4
$2,000 cash prizes!
Bank note images used with permission of the Bank of Canada.

Prize details

Bring home the bacon with this prize! We estimate that if there are 20 strips of bacon in a package, you could get up to 8,000 strips of bacon with these winnings. You could also bring home the $2,000 as is. Your prize, your choice!

Prizes may not be exactly as shown. To learn more, see Rules and Regulations.

Entries expire at the end of the contest period on March 31, 2021