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My Account

I forgot my Log in information. Now what?
No problem. You can retrieve your username and password by going to the Forgot Login information page.
I forgot my username; can I use my email address to Log in?
Yes you can Log in with either followed by your password. If you continue to have an issue, try our Forgot Login information page.
Why can’t I Log in? The site is not recognizing my information.
You may have entered your Log in information incorrectly. Check that you haven’t made any typos and that Caps Lock is not on. Also, make sure you haven’t entered any spaces. If you continue to have an issue, try our Forgot Login information page.
Can you send me my username or password?
Of course! Click on the "Forgot Login" link on the login page and your information will be emailed to you after you fill out the form.
What if I need to change my phone number or other account information?
When you are logged in, click on the "Account" link by your name to update any of your profile information. Be sure to hit save!
What if I have forgotten my Login and changed the email address I signed up with?
If you have changed the email address you used when you signed up, contact us.
What if I have forgotten the answers to my security questions?
If you have forgotten the answers to your security questions, contact us.

Contest and Entry

How do I enter 2Chance draws?
2Chance contests are open to Atlantic Canadian residents 19 years of age or older. Sign up on and enter your eligible tickets for entries. Every $2 worth of eligible winning and non-winning Winter of Winning Scratch N Win tickets entered will earn you one flex entry to enter the prize draw of your choice, PLUS one entry for the weekly cash draw. Please see the prizes page and/or the Rules and Regulations for further information.
How do I know if my ticket is eligible for a "2Chance Contest"?
Please check the Eligible Ticket page for information on which tickets are eligible.
How many tickets can I enter a day?
There is no ticket limit, but you are only able to enter 200 tickets per session.
Where is my PIN and ticket barcode on Scratch ’N Win tickets?
The placement of the codes varies from ticket to ticket. Please use the Eligible Tickets Page to locate your ticket type. Clicking on the image will reveal information about the ticket and how to look for your ticket’s PIN and Barcode.
When are 2Chance prizes drawn?
Please check the Prizes page for dates on active draws. All draw weeks start at 12:00:00 am AT and end on 11:59:59 pm AST. See Rules and Regulations for additional details.
What is a ticket bonus?
At any time a specific eligible ticket may be in bonus mode. The dollar value of the eligible ticket will be multiplied when entered in 2Chance. Check the Eligible tickets page regularly and sign up for emails to see if there are any tickets in bonus mode!

Draws and Prizes

How do I earn entries into the weekly draws?
Every $2 worth of eligible Winter of Winning Scratch ‘N Win tickets entered will earn you an entry into the weekly draw.

Check the back of your ticket for a contest close date of February 28, 2018.
How do I earn flex entries into the prize draws?
Every $2 worth of eligible Winter of Winning Scratch ‘N Win tickets entered will earn you a flex entry that you can allocate to the active prize draw of your choice.

Check the back of your ticket for a contest close date of February 28, 2018.
Do my flex entries go towards all the prize draws?
Flex Entries go towards the active contests you assign them to. Each prize has its own flex entries associated with it as indicated on the Prizes page.
Can I move my flex entry choice?
No, once you have allocated your flex entries to a draw, they can not be moved to another prize draw.
What happens to my flex entries if they are not allocated to a prize?
You must allocate them to an active prize draw before the 2Chance Contest Period closes on February 28, 2018. Unused flex entries will expire at that time.
What kind of prizes can I win?
Please visit the Prizes page for prize information! See Rules and Regulations for additional details.
Do I need to keep my tickets to show when I claim a prize?
We encourage all participants to keep the tickets that have been submitted into the contest for the duration of the contest period to validate against the contest account. However, participants will not be required to show the tickets in order to claim or redeem contest prizes. Winners will be required to follow the winner's process whereby proof of residency and identification will be required and must match the contest registration information.
When will winners be contacted?
2Chance potential winners will be contacted by telephone or email within one week of the current draw, or as soon as possible thereafter. The winners are required to complete prize documentation and provide proof of identity (age and province of residence) before they are determined to be eligible. All winners must return any documentation, emails, or calls within a specific time period to remain eligible to win a prize. For full details, check the Rules and Regulations.
How will potential winners be contacted?
A representive from Atlantic Lottery will contact these players by phone and/or email. Be sure your account information is up to date.
What is a promo code and how do I get one?
Once you enter $50 worth of eligible tickets, you will be awarded with an Promo Cash code valued at $10. This Promo Cash code can be redeemed at and can only be awarded/redeemed once. To view your Promo Cash code, check the Account page under the table of Weekly and Flex Entries.
How to I redeem my promo code?
To redeem your Promo Cash code, log in/create an account at Once logged in, click Add Funds and enter the code under Promo Rewards.
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